Bryce Point Viewpoint at Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA


@sonyalpha #a7riii w/ @sonyalpha 24-70@ 24mm f/11 1/100 ISO 80

Processed in @photoshop

So many incredible views here! Every turn on the trail had me snapping photos left and right. Here’s one of SO many shots from today.


@sonyalpha 7riii with @sonyalpha 24-70 @24mm f/13 1/100s ISO 125

Processed in @photoshop

Christmas Star hasn’t happened for 800 years so I figured I’d snap it since it’s not going to happen again for a little while. Special thanks to the random rock for making the shot somewhat interesting. In 800 years, I might try to find some darker sky. The barely visible Milkyway on the far right is a huge miss. Can’t wait to see what everyone else was able to shoot!

Foreground: @sonyalpha #a7riii with @sonyalpha 24-70@24 mm f/2.8 ISO 100 for 20 seconds

Sky: Same camera and lens f/4 ISO 2,000 10 seconds

Christmas star: Same Camera @sonyalpha 70-200@142mm f/2.8 ISO 8000 2 Seconds

Blended in @adobe @photoshop

Learning to fly 😅 ...

Cow chomping on some dinner. ...

Went out to shoot the #neowisecomet and the #milkyway was in the sky too so why not?
@sonyalpha 7riii
@sonyalpha 24-70mm @24 mm
F/2.8 25.00s (Again, too long) ISO 5000

Processed in @adobe @lightroom @photoshop

Comet Neowise just after Sunset over the Amargosa Valley.

A little tough to see with the naked eye but it was fun setting up the long exposure and seeing the result. (A lot of horrible test shots 😅)
@sonyalpha 7riii
@sonyalpha 70-200 mm @70 mm
F2.8 25.00s (too long) ISO 3200

Mahogany Fire on the Spring Mountains 😔 ...

Another one from the Historic Railroad Trail overlooking Lake Mead. ————————————————————
@sonyalpha 7riii
#sonyalpha 24-70@70 mm
1/200 s
ISO 100

Processed in @adobe @lightroom and @photoshop

Hike from a few weeks ago! Very fun walking through the tunnels and incredible views of Lake Mead. ————————————————————
@sonyalpha 7riii
@sonyalpha 24-70@31 mm
1/80 s
ISO 2000

Finally decided to shoot sunrise at El Dorado Dry Lake. A few clouds rolled in but I managed to snap a few shots. Definitely want to check out sunset there sometime soon. ————————————————————
@sonyalpha 7riii
@sonyalpha 24-70@24 mm
1/100 s
ISO 400

Took advantage of the new moon in the Mojave.
ISO 6400
25 Seconds
@sonyalpha A7riii
@sonyalpha 24-70mm @ 24mm

Processed in LR and PS.

Seeing DTLV this empty was honestly pretty tough. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. ...

Walked around the American side and the Canadian side of Niagara Falls last night and although it was breathtakingly cold 🥶, the views were incredible! ...

Huntington Beach Sunset ...

Incredible views of Stuttgart, Germany from Teehaus im Weißenburgpark at sunset. Right before I snapped this photo I was stung by a bee 🐝 ...

Captured this in a pitch black field with hundreds of mooing cows all around us.
Sony A7riii
Sony GM 2.8 24-70 mm at 24mm
25.00 s ISO 6400

Finishing up an incredible trip to Stockholm. Really grateful for the opportunity to travel and create content in beautiful places. ...

Caught the Milky Way over Pahranagat last night. Sony A7riii f/2.8 25.00 s ISO 8000 Sony 24-70@24 mm ...

Foggy Golden Gate ...